Dual Mass Flywheel assembly LR3 TDV6

The Dual Mass Flywheel assembly LR3 TDV6 has two holes located at 180 degrees. One is oval shaped and the other is T-shaped. I want to know which one should be inserted into the tool used to fix its position. Thanks
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Parking sensors continuous beeping and Start/Stop failing for the third time

Since the first year I have this problem with the parking sensors. Every year they "fix" it but after 3, 4 or 5 months it starts again, this continuous beeping when I turn on the engine and I left it engaged and close to a wall (beeping normally when I parked and turned it off the day before). And also, after usually 1 month or 2 the Start/Stop stops to function. Does anyone knows what is this about?
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does my free lander 2 have a usb port?

I've been searching every where to find my USB port but no luck if you know where it is please tell if it doesn't have one then please say where i can get one thank you
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Can bluetooth module on discovery 3 2006 ber changed or upgraded ?

I have a Discovery HSE TDV6 2006 with Harmann Kardon Logic 7 And the bluetooth connection to my phone keeps breaking up on almost every conversation, any suggestions on how to fix it ?
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Land Rover Free Lander Automatic Gearbox Problem

Can anyone help me I have got a 02 plate free lander td4 automatic. It starts and drives ok. I do around 25 miles on the motorway and it's all ok but when I hit town and it needs to go into all the gears it'll go into 3rd but then starts revving and will not go into 4th. It does eventually go in. Also if I stop for half an hour it seems fine again until it has to go into different gears. It's just playing up a lot of the time. Thanks.
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360 cameras dealership says they aren't supposed to work when getting too close to curb when parkingt Use to the sensors worked now they don

Have 360 camera on my Discovery Sport and an issue came up with the cameras. Before they went out the sensor would go off when I was pulling in to close to a curb. Now the sensor wont go off after the supposedly fixed the cameras. Does anyone else have the 360 cameras and do the sensors go off when you get too close to a curb?? When I took to dealership to get them fixed, now the sensor won't go off when getting close to a curb when parking. Only when parking is what I am wanting to know.
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Exterior Light Settings

Sorry guys 2nd question in a matter of days. 2013 Discovery 4 XS purchased a week ago and still finding my way. My exterior light switch has 4 main settings. 0= off, Sidelights = DLR (fairy lights), Dipped beam and Auto. I've noticed when driving, at setting 0 or auto the dipped beam is on regardless.When I switch to sidelight they go off and the sidelight engage and they work as normal in the dipped beam setting. Is there a problem here? Surely 0 should equal off completely off? Thanks.
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Discovery 4 iPod socket

Hi newby here and first time Land Rover owner. Just bought a 2013 Discovery 4 XS, still figuring it out so this may be a silly question... apologies. The iPod socket within the Centre console box lid is of a normal USB not the pinned variety. I directly plug my Apple cable into it but there's no response and the music system isn't picking it up. Any guidance would be most appreciated.
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Anyone had trouble with tow bar, cannot plug and turn to lock caravan plug. Framework of bumper gets in the way.

Have recently had fitted by recognized Land rover dealership a removable tow bar to my disvocery 4. But when I came to use it I could not push on and turn the caravan plug, in fact nor could I fit the 13 to 7 pin adapter. The frame work of the bumper seems to get in the way. Am I been stupid and forgotten something or has anyone else had the same problem. Brian.
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RR L322 2007 diesel

The central locking has become sluggish, it works on both keys but you have to point it at the drivers window to make it work?
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Hello: I had previously commented locked engine situation of LR D3 TDV6. After checking the engine has detected crankshaft breakage. I appreciate if you know the existence of a corrected version of crankshaft, because the purchase of any unit does not ensure that this situation does not happen again.
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