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asked about the Discovery about 3 months ago

Sorry guys 2nd question in a matter of days. 2013 Discovery 4 XS purchased a week ago and still finding my way. My exterior light switch has 4 main settings. 0= off, Sidelights = DLR (fairy lights), Dipped beam and Auto. I've noticed when driving, at setting 0 or auto the dipped beam is on regardless.When I switch to sidelight they go off and the sidelight engage and they work as normal in the dipped beam setting. Is there a problem here? Surely 0 should equal off completely off? Thanks.

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Thanks David, the manual didn't clarify and pointed to the fact that 'off' meant 'off'. Therefore I gave the dealer a call who have suggested that it's a 'hardwire' connection for daytime running lights as per European legislation. So off now means DRL?



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That doesn't sound correct to me, but I do not have a Disco4, so may I suggest you read up on the system via your owner's manual, and then if it doesn't check out, ask the dealer to take a look, it could just be a faulty light sensor.

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That is correct. DLR will show whenever the engine is running to provide minimum front lighting. Turning on headlights can turn them off (although some makes stay on).



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I think the others have probably covered it, but 0 will have the DRL (day running lights) on when the engine is running, DRL's are quite bright and can easily be mistaken for dipped headlamps, especially if watch the light lights reflecting of a car in front or wall. the next setting is side lights, which will be dimmer than DRL. The next switch position is dipped headlamps, and auto gives the car control based on its measurement of the ambient light level. hth Michelle