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asked about the Discovery about 3 months ago

Hi newby here and first time Land Rover owner. Just bought a 2013 Discovery 4 XS, still figuring it out so this may be a silly question... apologies. The iPod socket within the Centre console box lid is of a normal USB not the pinned variety. I directly plug my Apple cable into it but there's no response and the music system isn't picking it up. Any guidance would be most appreciated.

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Thanks Chris works a treat

Thanks Chris, the manual didn't clarify and pointed to the fact that 'off' meant 'off'. Therefore I gave the dealer a call who have suggested that it's a 'hardwire' connection for daytime running lights as per European legislation. So off now means DRL?

Sorry wrong question!

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If it is the same as Discovery Sport of the same age (which would be logical but you can check with handbook) you need to plug into the USB, then select Audio or Media on the screen or use MODE on the steering wheel to scroll through the audio sources to select the iPod as your input from AM-FM-CD-DAB-iPod. Good luck