Anyone had trouble with tow bar, cannot plug and turn to lock caravan plug. Framework of bumper gets in the way.

asked about the Discovery about 3 months ago

Have recently had fitted by recognized Land rover dealership a removable tow bar to my disvocery 4. But when I came to use it I could not push on and turn the caravan plug, in fact nor could I fit the 13 to 7 pin adapter. The frame work of the bumper seems to get in the way. Am I been stupid and forgotten something or has anyone else had the same problem. Brian.

Chris B


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That sounds odd. Is it the LR removable tow-bar or an independent? The dealer should really not have fitted anything that cannot be used unless you gave instructions against his advice. I'd go back and ask him to sort it out as not "fit for purpose"; if not a LR part, you need to get back onto the supplier who sold it to you as being the right thing for your vehicle. Good luck



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The disco and sport use a removable system, and is fitted from the factory, though you have to buy the towing ball, the electrics are behind the plastic cover, and need to be purchased as well, there is no reason to fit any other system, so go back and get them to explain to them what they have done



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Take it back, its clearly not right.