Land Rover owner for 2 years

"Range Rovers were my life, However, as of the 19th September 2015, I have purchased a 2006 Freelander TD4 Adventurer with a auto block. Low mileage.
Since owning it, I have added a Bluespark box, plus window and bonnet deflectors. I have also had a EGR "

I have owned 5 Range Rover, at one stage I had 3 parked on the drive. I now do not own any, as I gave my Husbands one that I drove for 4 years since his passing, to my son. I have replaced Range Rovers with a Freelander 1 Adventurer Spetember 2006 model, just before the production line of the Freelander 1 came to an end.
I am a widow and live in North Wiltshire
Living a short distance from Salisbury Plain, Off-roading is a love of mine. I have owned and towed using Range Rover for over 17 years, and since September 2016, I have towed with my Freelander.
I have also been Company and Club Director of the Range Rover Register as well as Membership Secretary and Magazine Editor of said club. I have aslo written articles for Land Rover Magaznes in the UK as well as the USA and Netherlands.
Up until the death of my husband, I used to do the majority of the maintenance required by my vehicles myself. Obviously I needed a garage, so I used to use a ramp of a local Land Rover independent, so I had help on hand as well, if needed.

As of 19th Septemeber, I have replaced my present Range Rover with a low mileage 2006 Freelander 1 Adventurer TD4 auto. So far, I have been able to do the mechanics required for my own personalisation of the vehicle.