Land Rover owner for 10 years

"A 2nd generation, lifelong Land Rover enthusiast. Grown up with Land Rovers and now raising my own kids with the same appreciation"

I currently own and drive a 2005 Freelander; it's my daily transport with the capability to get me where I'm going no matter what the weather or road conditions. Having grown up with Land Rovers and learned to drive in a rather abused series 2 SWB my vehicle of choice is always going to be wearing a green oval! My journey as a Land Rover owner/driver began 20 years ago with the purchase of my 1st personal Land Rover, a tidy, but elderly series 3 station wagon LWB and with it I rediscovered the delights of back to basics motoring but started and finished every daily journey with a silly big grin on my face despite the hardships of running a big thirsty beast with a turning circle of approximately 2 miles!
That one had a 2.25L petrol engine so I decided to go for broke and bought a rather dilapidated stage 1 V8. If I thought the 1st one was thirsty the V8 was guaranteed to bring my bank manager out in a cold sweat but boy did it shift. The big grin was still in place. My family and I had many adventures in "Humphry" as we named him, one such trip was the Land Rover 50th anniversary rally which somehow got followed up with a bit of a feature in LRO for me and my Landie - oh! The dizzy heights of being pictured in a glossy magazine! Subsequent Land Rovers have been various series vehicles both LWB and SWB and then my tired old bones demanded something a little less demanding on the joints so I purchased my first coil sprung vehicle; a classic Range Rover. In keeping with previous purchases this one needed a little TLC to bring it up to standard but once done it proved as trusty as all its predecessors so I decided to venture a little further afield in this one and embarked on a trip to Morocco, retracing the steps I took very many years previously when I travelled across North Africa with my parents in my dads original classic Range Rover. After that vehicle came another classic Range Rover and following that a Discovery 2. That particular Disco met a rather gruesome fate when I managed to flip and roll it rather spectacularly, but Land Rovers are tough and I walked away with significant bruising but otherwise intact. The disco was replaced by another Disco for my hubby and Freddy the Fearless Freelander (so called, after what I did to Dave the dead Disco!) and even after all that, the big silly grin is still firmly in place every time I go out for a drive.