Land Rover owner for 4 years

"Lanark, Scotland, love off roading, love driving and generally the outdoor life"

I love Land Rovers, sad but true, my affinity with them goes way back to when I was a child and my mother got her 1st Range Rover, one of the early 5doors and I believe one of the 1st in Scotland. It was brown and i just thought it was amazing, from then on there's been a Range Rover in the family.
I've had several Discovery's and a couple of Sport's, the last of which I recently sold to buy a new X-Tech 110 Defender U/W, which is great, it's been off road several times and now I can't stop looking for accessories and modifications
It's the perfect vehicle for me and my lifestyle, mountain biking, dog walking (we've got a 4year old Chocolate Lab called Harley) and now a 3 1/2 year old Son so great for days out and towing etc.