Land Rover owner for 35 years

"I'm an adventure filmmaker, author and photographer who lives in the Scottish Highlands. I use my Land Rover for work and pleasure."

I've lived in remote parts of Britain for more years than I care to remember and for the last 16 that's been the Scottish Highlands. With my partner we make adventure films and publish books. So the Defender sees a fair amount of off-roading - usually on private estates - and carries everything from film crew & their gear; presenters and guests; camping equipment; bikes; skis etc. We also use it for pleasure both in the UK & mainland Europe - often towing a small Eriba caravan, that's almost as much of a cult as the Defender. We've had Land Rovers for over 30 years - Range Rover, Freelander and Discovery, but we've come back to where we started with the Defender. We now have a 90 X-Tech and a 110 XS Utility Station Wagon. A lot has changed in that time but the ability to carry big loads over rough terrain is as good as ever. What's improved is inside - heated seats & screen, aircon and a more civilised feel. What I like best is an ability to carry almost anything and get anywhere, which is really important in our work. The 90 even has a roof tent for unexpected stop overs.... It's hard to imagine life without them - they are an integral part of our lives and what we do. Often I think we take them for granted - I returned from filming recently to remember that in one trip they'd crossed rivers, travelled through deep snow and mud... and on road too!