Land Rover owner for 28 years

"I'm 53 going on 25 and I love playing with Land Rovers."

Hi all. IÍm Mike.
IÍve been lucky in owning Land Rover s for over 25 years; we have owned a lot of different types of Land Rovers in that time, all of them have had a character some bad but most of been good and because of that character all of them have become part of the family.
The two we have at the moment are a Defender 90 CSW and a 1963 Series 2a, the Defender is my everyday drive, which does all of the boring things in life, work, shopping etc. but also takes us on little adventures at weekends and holidays which I hope to share with you later on.
The Series 2a is called Ade and she is my second love, I would say my first love but my wife might read this, she is 50 this year and like all 50 year old ladies she can be a bit temperamental, IÍm only joking ladies, at the moment she is slowly being restored IÍm going to say slowly because I keep missing the fun of driving her so we put her back together just so we can take her for a drive.
Both I and my wife love off-roading in all its forms like pay and play sites, club outings with RTV trails, punch hunts but my passion is driving Rights of way or Green lanes . IÍve been lucky to have driven in a lot of countyÍs with green lanes and IÍve meet a lot of great people from all backgrounds while driving rights of way. For me a lot of the fun is the planning the trip, getting the maps out with a couple of mates over a pint and deciding where to go, using rights of way is how I got interested in Land Rovers, I used to ride a trail bike and I used to fall off a lot then a friend decided to take me out in his Land Rover Lightweight that was it I was hooked.
My other interest is archery which I also love; the funny thing is I started archery because I was driving a Land Rover, I was passing my local archery club one Saturday and because I could see over the wall sitting so high in a Land Rover I thought that looks interesting and popped in and joined that was in 2000 and IÍve been enjoying it ever since.