Land Rover owner for 4 years

"Always happy to be behind the wheel of a Land Rover and more so if I can get off the black stuff."

I work in Southampton and venture out to the New Forest, South West and Wales and more recently to Norfolk and Suffolk. My Range Rover Evoque was purchased shortly after the local launch evening and have never looked back since. I enjoy my Evoque whether it be commuting back and to from work or packing it up and going away on a vacation. I have been amazed by the amount of traction and sense of control it gave me during the snow, compared to the previous SUVs I have owned in the past. Range Rover and Land Rover have been part of the family and friends over a number of countries but this is the first that I have owned myself.

After being on a few off road experience days and events I have been bitten by the bug and therefore have changed my choice of transport to a Range Rover Sport.

First chance to take the RRS off-road was at Bordon on the tank training area, still with standard road tyres and over mainly a sand base apart from between the trees which was just bracken and mud ruts the car handled anything I threw at it, some Discovery and Defender owners seemed quite stunned that a RRS was following them around.

Fantastic time on Salisbury Plains last December, still with the standard road tyres but looking now to get another set of rims with a more off-road style tyre for next time. The standard tyres only struggled a little when trying to climb on loose stone after coming off sticky mud, once the tyres had cleaned themselves up, traction was gained and climbed with ease. A tyre more suitable to off-road muddy conditions might have been a better choice and will hopefully find out if I can get myself a set.