Land Rover owner for 14 years

"For us, Land Rovers are part of the family!"

I bought my first Land Rover when I was 17 (a 1974 Series 3) - it gave me so much fun and freedom, and I have rarely been without a Land Rover since. I currently own a 110 - my everyday vehicle, a 90 - for playing in the mud, and a Discovery - for rare journeys where no mud or children are involved! We are a busy family where most things revolve around children (I have 6, so having at least 7 seats comes in handy!!) We all enjoy green laning, and I have been a member of Nottingham Land Rover Club for many years, taking part in regular off-road and social activities. Why do I love my Land Rovers so much??? We can DO anything and GO anywhere....great for all the kids to pile in, and their friends, and all the 'stuff' that comes along too....after 20+ years, I am still enjoying the fun and freedom of owning a Land Rover......