Land Rover owner for 12 months

"Brought up in Land Rovers from the start and thankfully back in one"

Hi everyone I'm Jonathan and I've been driving, borrowing and joyriding Land Rovers for 30 years (only joking about the joyriding).

Debbie, Gizmo and I are big Land Rover fans, to be fare Gizmo is a 11 month old Shih Tzu and never been in any other car, we spoiled him from the start with the Freelander 2, I have had my 2010 Freelander 2 GS for 2 years now and not regretted it one bit.

I started early with Land Rovers as you can see with my profile pic, 6 months old with the series 1, I would have it now if my sister had not demolished it when I was 16 and a few months later it would have been mine, I also learnt to drive on the beaches of North Wales in a series 1 and then a few years later on the roads in a Range Rover.

We bought the Freelander for towing our Caravan and getting to lakes, I love open water swimming and it gets me everywhere, I have towed just about everything with Series 1's, Range Rovers & Discovery's and wanted a everyday car not to heavy on the diesel, the Freelander 2 was the ideal choice.

I have now updated to a Discovery Sport SE Tech 2.0 and hoping this is going to a great car after the faithful Freelander 2 over the next few years.

I have done couple of Land Rover off road days, one at Peckforton Castle Nr Chester and the Solihull one with a factory tour.