Land Rover owner for 11 years

"Film Producer/Director at Image Media Films - also runs our own WEB TV Channel www.dogandcountry.tv Keen sports fan with Rugby being top."

As a Film Producer/Director attention to detail is paramount and being 'fussy' is vitally important to producing programmes, either for television, or for corporate business.

Being involved in producing programmes has taught me the need to 'listen' to engage with our customers and collectively, bring together a finished film from just an idea. The 'art' of creating a watchable film by storytelling produces job satisfaction that cannot be explained and doing this whilst being 'paid' to do it, is simply astonishing, as someone once said, "if you find something which you love to do, you will never work a day in your life".

When we travel, either locally here in Ireland, or throughout the UK, we generally have to carry a lot of equipment and we have to go into all types situations and terrains. The vehicle of choice is the Land Rover Defender, it is quite old, but original in every way, it is 1984 and a 110 County V8. The sound of that engine is sweet music to the ears.

I will return soon to continue with adding information.