Land Rover owner for 4 years

"I have owned various Land Rover's for over 20 years, Discovery's, Freelander's, Range Rover's and currently have a 2007 3.6V8 Sport"

I work in the music industry, I am the General Manager of a online webzine, as well as manager of a rock band. I like touring holidays, I went to Canada a few years ago and drove over 2000 miles, and still only saw a bit of that beautiful country. I spent most of my spare time last year touring scotland. I live in Wigan, but very rarely eat Pie's, I have a Newfoundland dog called Hecter, a persian cat called Dylan, a wife, and a Daughter who has just started her first job after leaving university. While I have enjoyed off roading at Land Rover Expierence days, I have no wish to take mine off road, those 22" wheels will get dirty :-), though i did drive over a grass verge once.