Land Rover owner for 14 years

"Agricultural Contractor and Farmer from Warwickshire. Long standing Land Rover Owner and Enthusiast."

Land Rovers have been a part of my life from birth as my parents had a Series II when I was born This was soon changed for a 3dr Range Rover, and then one of the first 110" V8 CSWs new in 1983 (which we've still got!).My first car was a Series II, again swapped for a 3dr Range Rover that I built from two MOT failiures. I've since owned a 90" CSW, two Range Rover Classics, two Discovery IIs, a 110" CSW and a 4.6HSE P38 Range Rover, all of which have been V8s. Most of these remain in my ownership, and have recently been joined by a Discovery 4.My background is Farming and Motorsport, but I've recently given up the Motorsport to return to Farming when the chance arose to buy a bigger family farm. I also did an apprenticeship at Land Rover when I left school.I use a V8 Discovery II as my daily work vehicle, which sees it towing a wide range of trailers, carrying all sorts of kit and equipment, and being used off road regularly. It also helps me enjoy country pursuits away from the farm itself.I enjoy maintaining our Land Rovers myself as much as I can, and I'm currently building a unique 110" Defender based on a G4 Challenge vehicle, but fitted with a 4.6 V8 engine and Autobox, powered by a Discovery II electric loom and management system.I try to keep up to date on Land Rover and their products as much as I can through the press, the internet and by talking to friends who work for Land Rover.