Land Rover owner for 4 years

"Enthusiastic Land Rover owner and club member"

I've been into Land Rovers for as long as I can remember. My current fleet includes two Land Rovers - a 1994 Discovery 1, and a 1992 Defender 90.

The Disco is a well loved diesel auto, while the 90 is more of a plaything, equipped with a winch, rollcage and mud tyres. Both have over 150k on the clock! They get well used on BHCLRC (Beds Herts Cambs Land Rover Club) events, as well as for towing my caravan and helping the community as part of 4x4 Response.

Previously I owned a classic Range Rover. That vehicle was a Japanese Trim prototype, with the 3.9 V8 engine. An absolutely fabulous motor - I miss everything about it but the fuel consumption!