Adam Tremayne

Land Rover owner for 4 years

"A dyed in the wool Land Rover fan. A shooting and fishing person, 37 years old, with a Range Rover & a Defender 90."

I remember my parent's first Range Rover, a 1972 Bahama Gold 2 door Classic, with a brown stripe down the side (very popular at the time). I've been lucky enough to grow up around Range Rovers and Land Rovers, and there could only be one car for me when I turned 17. I bought a 1979 Series 3 short wheel base Land Rover with a 2.25 petrol engine. I had read so many magazines and brochures I thought I knew everything there was to know, little did I understand at the time that I'd spend my entire life learning about these cars, and I still am. As with the other owners on this site, Land Rovers are in my blood and I'm honoured to be here to help you all.

My second car after 5 years of gradually rebuilding the Series 3 was a Range Rover Classic, a 1989 3.9 Vogue Auto, Trocadero Red with the grey velour interior. It was a mighty step up from the old Land Rover, and despite the 18mpg I loved it. Sadly some company cars had to happen after this but I never lost the passion for the brand. Then I was lucky enough to buy the Range Rover Sport Supercharged in 2005 when they first came out, that was an awesome machine, what an engine! I think the piece on Top Gear helped seal the deal for me. Since then I moved up to the Full Fat Range Rover L322. (Some say that Jeremy Clarkson invented the term Full Fat Range Rover, however it's a little know fact that I coined it first and have proof!)

I'm a member of a number of Land Rover forums, I was a moderator on the Range Rover Sport forum while I had the Supercharged, and then became a Moderator on the site. The L322 model I currently have is a 5.0 Supercharged Autobiography in Santorini Black with every toy you could need and is the best car I've ever had, it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. I was once invited to a track day with Range Rover, to put the car through its paces on the road (not off the road for once) and I learnt some great things about the vehicles dynamics at speed and in emergency conditions, as well as a banked high speed oval circuit. That was a great day, I may include a full write up in the My Stories section.

I still collect the Land Rover brochures and material, and still buy Land Rover magazines each month, have never thrown a single one away. Why would you?

For me the Range Rover is the ultimate practical car, you can cruise down the motorway, then turn off the road, go through fields, woodland, ford through streams and then get back on the motorway at the end of the day. It can take you and a group of people shooting, with guns, dogs, lunches, wellies, mud, rain, it does it all with ease. It can waft you down to the south of France, to a ski resort and even onto the slopes (yes I have done that!) I hope one day to have the L405 model that has just come out this year, a beautiful evolution of the marque.

I'm looking forward to your questions, and welcome!